Approved Orbitless Instructors

The aim of our List of Approved Instructors is to provide a network of instructors who are able to offer advice, guidance and lessons in the Orbitless Bridle.Our instructors have extensive experience with a variety of bitless bridles and especially the Orbitless Bridle. They can offer help with fitting, introducing and training with the bridle. If you would like to be included on our list then please then please get in touch.


Wendy Wainwright - East Midlands and North UK

Alice Hieghton-Jackson - South West, West Midlands and South East UK

Alex Le Grand - Berkshire and Hampshire UK

Kerry-Louise Boucher - Monument, Colorado Springs, Pueblo and Castle Rock, USA

Julie Brooks - Aberdeenshire UK

Phillippa Christie - Ireland and UK

Rhian Rose-Jones - Cirencenter, Gloucestershire UK