2018 Daniee & Tara

Tara is a wonderful dutch warmblood mare, she is 12 years old this year and we mainly compete in showjumping. I used to ride Tara in bits, we went through many many different ones before I decided to try a hackamore. She was amazing in it and so much happier! A short while later I decided to transition her to something milder, so I bought a set of Orbitless rings and now I ride using them 90% of the time! I love classical dressage and we practise a lot at home, some people say you cannot train dressage bitless, I don't think that's true! Tara has improved so much in the Orbitless because she is comfortable now. She can work just as well in it as she can with a bit! We have also been doing a lot of our jumping training in the Orbitless, as well as a few competitions.