Wendy Wainwright

Area Covered: Lincolnshire and Surrounding Areas

Contact Email: [email protected]

Contact Telephone: 07521707705

Website: www.bitlesshorse.co.uk

Details: I have been teaching for over 20 years. At first full time and then part time as I studied for a Degree in Engineering. My passion for bitless grew from a young mare who disliked a bit so much that she was dangerous in one. Being bitless transformed her and she inspired me to research bitless bridles as much as I could, I have written articles in various magazines and I started online groups and forums to try and connect other bitless bridle users cross the world.Eventually, not being able to find a bitless solution which gave me the lightness and finesse I was looking for I designed the Orbitless Bridle. Now I specialise in helping people transition their horses to bitless bridles by running individual and clinic sessions, lectures and talks.