Alice Hieghton-Jackson

Area Covered: Dursley. I cover the South West/Midlands/South East

Contact Email: [email protected]

Contact Telephone: 07530821676


Details: I am passionate about equine behaviour and training. Whilst studying a degree in Veterinary Nursing, I gained experience working in the Equine Therapy Centre, which gave me an insight into rehabilitation techniques and I learnt to recognise pain as the cause of many behavioural issues. I also studied equine behaviour in more depth. I then formed the basis of my training and have been building on it ever since. After university, I gained teaching experience, both in behavioural horsemanship and riding. I now teach a range of clients, specialising in nervous horses and riders, helping them to overcome loss of confidence. Bitless Horsemanship was a logical step for my training, providing the true release from pressure that cannot be achieved with a bit, I have the TRSS Ride Leader Qualification and am studying towards the Equine Shiatsu Diploma.